Journal of Software:2001.12(5):742-750

(天津大学系统工程研究所,天津 300072)
Study on the Performance Analysis of Genetic Algorithms
DAI Xiao hui,LI Min qiang,KOU Ji song
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Received:May 20, 1999    Revised:February 22, 2000
> 中文摘要: 回顾了遗传算法的理论研究状况,介绍了NoFreeLunch定理,描述了遗传算法的通用框架,构造了遗传算法的性能分析矩阵,并通过模拟实验分析了一系列遗传算法的性能.实验表明,这种评价算法性能的方法切实可行,可操作性好,具有一定的通用性.
Abstract:In this paper, the state of the theory of genetic algorithms is examined, and the No Free Lunch theorem is introduced. The general framework of genetic algorithms is described, in which the performance analysis matrix is built and used to test some typical genetic algorithms. The experimental results indicate that it is a feasible method, which is easy and adaptable to the evaluation of the performance of genetic algorithms.
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DAI Xiao hui,LI Min qiang,KOU Ji song.Study on the Performance Analysis of Genetic Algorithms.Journal of Software,2001,12(5):742-750