Journal of Software:2001.12(5):698-705

(清华大学计算机科学与技术系,北京 100084)
Several Critical Techniques in Constructing Interactive Envi ronment of Parallelizing Compiler
YANG Bo,WANG Ding xing,ZHENG Wei min
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Received:November 25, 1999    Revised:February 23, 2000
> 中文摘要: 交互式并行化系统通过提供友好的交互功能并引入用户知识来协助程序的并行化,是解决自动并行化能力不足的一条有效途径.描述了一个并行化系统交互环境TIPSIE(interactive en vironment of Tsinghua interactive parallelizing system),并就构造该环境的性能预测、增量编译和数据相关查询等关键技术进行了讨论.实验结果表明,这些技术能够有效地提高系统的并行化能力和效率.
Abstract:Interactive parallelizing system can provide user-friendly interactive functions and introduce user s knowledge to assist in parallelizing. It is a promising way to solve the problem of limited capability of automatic parallelizing. In this paper, an interactive environment of parallelizing compiler TIPSIE (interactive environment of Tsinghua interactive parallelizing system) is provided. Several critical techniques in constructing TIPSIE are also discussed, such as performance prediction, incremental compilation and data dependence query. The experimental results show that these techniques can get good result in improving the capability and efficiency of parallelizing compiler.
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YANG Bo,WANG Ding xing,ZHENG Wei min.Several Critical Techniques in Constructing Interactive Envi ronment of Parallelizing Compiler.Journal of Software,2001,12(5):698-705