Journal of Software:2001.12(5):689-697

(清华大学计算机科学与技术系,北京 100084)
A Fast Message Passing Mechanism at User-Level for Cluster Computing
ZHOU Gui lin,GE Yi,LI San li,HUANG Zhen chun,MA Qun sheng
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Received:June 21, 1999    Revised:February 18, 2000
> 中文摘要: 网络通信中的软件开销是目前影响机群系统性能的瓶颈,为了提高机群系统的通信性能,提出了一种用于机群系统的用户层快速消息传递机制ULFM(user-levelfastmessage),并在TH-GBNet上加以实现.ULFM以通信缓冲区的管理为核心设计了一种易于实现的用户层网络访问接口,通过综合采用用户层网络接口访问、零拷贝数据传递、精简通信协议等技术,可以有效地降低机群系统的通信开销,为应用程序提供实际的低延迟、高带宽的通信性能.在TH-GBNet的实现中,ULFM节点间16字节数据包的单向延迟减小到仅为6μs,2K字节数据包的带宽达40MB/s.
中文关键词: 机群系统  用户层  通信协议  消息传递  开销
Abstract:The software overhead in IN (interconnection network) communication has become currently the bottleneck of cluster system performance. In this paper, a method is proposed to reduce the communication software overhead by providing a fast message passing mechanism at user level——ULFM (user level fast message), that has been implemented in the IN TH-GBNet of cluster system. In ULFM, a new type of network access interface is provided to form a communication buffer centric application access to the cluster system IN. Several techniques, such as user level network access, zero copy message passing and simplified communication protocol, are integrated together for ULFM, that can effectively reduce the communication software overhead and achieve high communication performance with low latency and high bandwidth for application programs. Experimental results show that the latency at application level between different nodes for 16-byte message can be reduced to only 6μs, and the bandwidth can reach to 40MB/s for 2K byte length message.
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ZHOU Gui lin,GE Yi,LI San li,HUANG Zhen chun,MA Qun sheng.A Fast Message Passing Mechanism at User-Level for Cluster Computing.Journal of Software,2001,12(5):689-697