Journal of Software:2001.12(5):633-644

(中国科学院软件研究所智能工程实验室,北京 100080)
Modeling Post-WIMP User Interfaces Based on Hybrid Automata
LI Yang,GUAN Zhi wei,DAI Guo zhong
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Received:June 01, 2000    Revised:November 25, 2000
> 中文摘要: Post-WIMP界面作为继当前的主流界面范式——WIMP界面后的下一代界面范式,它和WIMP界面有着很大的不同,通过使用虚拟现实、语音交互、手势交互等技术,它能够提供更加自然高效的交互方式.然而,它却难以构造.为了有效地构造Post-WIMP界面,在构造之前不考虑实现细节,而在一个抽象的层次上描述它是一个较好的方法.首先,分析了Post-WIMP界面的交互本质,交互混合性是Post-WIMP界面一个最为重要的特点.从形式化系统的角度分析Post-WIMP界面,通过将Post-WIMP界面抽象为混合系统能够更为准确和严格地分析Post-WIMP界面的特性.混合自动机是用于描述混合系统的形式化工具,将Post-WIMP界面建模为一组相互协作的混合自动机.设计了一基于混合自动机理论的半形式化语言LEAFF作为Post-WIMP界面的描述工具.LEAFF通过结合文本描述和图形描述描述Post-WIMP界面中的交互行为,能够准确地反映交互中的控制关系、时序关系.给出了对两个典型Post-WIMP界面——虚拟现实交互和笔式交互的描述实例,同时讨论了Post-WIMP界面中交互并行性的描述、交互实时性的验证和从描述到实际交互系统构造的转换.
Abstract:Post WIMP (i,e Windows.Icons.Menus and Pointer)interface as the next generation user in terrace has suhstantial differences from WIMP Interfaee.which has been the dominont paradigm of human compu rer interaction for decades Post-WIMP interface providese more natural and efficient interaction by utilizing theadvanced interactive technology,such as virtual reality.voice technology.gesture interaction and so on How-ever,it is proved to be more difficult to be constructed In order to build post WIMP interface effectively.it is abetter way to specify the interaction at an abstract level without concerning the details of the implementation he- fore construction In this paper-the fundamental attributes of post-WIMP interface fire discussed The most dis-tinguished property of post WIMP interface is the hybrid interaction.which-ns the continuous interaetlonblending with discrete interaction The post-WIMP interface is analyzed from the point of view of hybrid system,which can give more accurate and strlet analysis for post-WIMP interface Post-WIMP interface can be modeledas a set of cooperadng hybrid automata which are special for hybrid 8yst~nl Hybrid automata are used to modelpost WlMP interface A semi formal specification language LEAFF is designed based 0n hybrid au…aton forspecifying post-WIMP interface by the combination of the text-based specification and graph-based specification,sad it can clarify the control and temporal relationships in post-WIMP interface Two typical instances,objectmanipulationin virtual reality and peninteraction,are specified byLEAFF Someissues andthefuture work are also discussed,such as the specification of paralid issues in post WIMP interaction.verification of interactionand specification based interface construction The modeling technology presented in this paper ought to be useful to the research and development of post-WIMP Imerfaee
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基金项目:Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.60033020 (国家自然科学基金); the Key Project of China 863 Advanced Technology Plan under Grant No. 863-306-03-01 (国家863高技术研究发展计划) Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.60033020 (国家自然科学基金); the Key Project of China 863 Advanced Technology Plan under Grant No. 863-306-03-01 (国家863高技术研究发展计划)
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LI Yang,GUAN Zhi wei,DAI Guo zhong.Modeling Post-WIMP User Interfaces Based on Hybrid Automata.Journal of Software,2001,12(5):633-644