Journal of Software:2001.12(3):435-439

(浙江大学CAD & CG国家重点实验室,浙江 杭州 310027)
Degree Reduction Approximation of Bézier Curves by Generalized Inverse Matrices
CHEN Guo-dong,WANG Guo-jin
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Received:November 02, 1999    Revised:January 05, 2000
> 中文摘要: 研究了Bézier曲线的降多阶逼近问题.利用Bézier曲线本身的升阶性质,并结合广义逆矩阵的最小二乘理论,给出了一种新的降阶逼近方法.此方法克服了一般降阶方法中每次只能降阶一次的弱点,并且得到了很好的逼近效果.
中文关键词: 升阶  降多阶  逼近  广义逆矩阵
Abstract:The multidegree reduction of Bézier curves is studied in this paper. The elevation property of Bézier curves themselves is combined with the least squares theory of generalized inverse matrices, and a new approximation method of multidegree reduction is presented. This method overcomes the weakness of the general method, which can reduce only one degree for each time, and obtains good approximation effects.
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CHEN Guo-dong,WANG Guo-jin.Degree Reduction Approximation of Bézier Curves by Generalized Inverse Matrices.Journal of Software,2001,12(3):435-439