Journal of Software:2001.12(3):398-404

(中国科学院 软件研究所 计算机科学开放研究实验室,北京 100080)
Temporal Specification Composition Techniques for Multimedia Program Design
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Received:July 16, 1999    Revised:December 03, 1999
> 中文摘要: 组合性是形式描述研究的基本问题,便于大型程序的设计、分析、测试和复用.为了方便用户编制大型多媒体系统的时序描述,组合模型是必须的.目前,这样的模型有基于语言的、基于图形的、基于时间区间的和面向对象的等等.但是,这些模型描述层次过低,很难支持两个多媒体节目之间的时序描述.通过引入单位流的概念和扩展两种时序关系,研究一种多媒体节目时序描述的结构化技术,使复杂的多媒体节目易于理解,以方便用户运用组合方法把一些可以复用于不同多媒体节目的节目模块进行组合设计.
中文关键词: 时序关系  时序描述  组合  多媒体节目
Abstract:Composition is essential in the research of formal specifications. It facilitates the design, synthesis, testing and reuse of large programs. In order to facilitate users to specify the temporal specification at the time of authoring a multimedia program, a composition model is needed. Recently various such models have been proposed in literature, which include language-based model, graphical model, time-interval based model, object-oriented model, etc. However, most of these models are lowly abstract and it is difficult to support the composition of two multimedia programs. In this paper, by introducing a new concept unit stream and extending two temporal relations, the structuring technique is studied in order to allow complex multimedia programs to be structured, making them understandable for designers, and to allow multimedia programs to be authored in terms of composition of general purpose multimedia programs that can be re-used in authoring various different multimedia programs.
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ZHAO Chen.Temporal Specification Composition Techniques for Multimedia Program Design.Journal of Software,2001,12(3):398-404