Journal of Software:2001.12(3):383-389

(中国科学院 自动化研究所 人工智能实验室,北京 100080)
A New Method of Three-Dimensional Euclidean Distance Transform
ZHUGE Ying,TIAN Jie,WANG Wei-hong
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Received:May 04, 1999    Revised:December 27, 1999
> 中文摘要: 常见的三维距离变换算法大都是对城市街区、棋盘等二维近似欧氏距离变换算法的三维扩展,得到的依然是近似欧氏距离.提出一种新的三维欧氏距离变换算法,可以得到完全欧氏距离,时间复杂度为O(n3logn).将该算法应用于三维医学CT图像内部软组织的显示,取得了较好的效果.
中文关键词: 距离变换  复杂度  软组织显示
Abstract:Most existing algorithms of three-dimensional distance transform are extensions of two-dimensional approximate Euclidean distance transform algorithms such as the city block/chessboard. Such algorithms can only get the approximate Euclidean distance. A new method of three-dimensional true Euclidean distance transform is presented in this paper. The proposed method can get the true Euclidean distance with time complexity O(n3*log n). Moreover, this method is used to render the soft tissue in three-dimensional medical CT images, and good result has been obtained.
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ZHUGE Ying,TIAN Jie,WANG Wei-hong.A New Method of Three-Dimensional Euclidean Distance Transform.Journal of Software,2001,12(3):383-389