Journal of Software:2000.11(12):1681-1684

Study and Practice of Testing Approaches of Communication Libraries for Parallel Computing
XIONG Yu-qing,ZHANG Yun-quan
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Received:July 26, 1999    Revised:September 28, 1999
> 中文摘要: 并行计算通信库的测试在并行计算系统中起着重要的作用.对通信库的测试一般都是通过设计一些测试程序对库的各个或几个部分分别进行单独隔离测试.但是有许多库中的错误用这种隔离测试方法测不出来,只有当库的多个部分以某种复杂的、有机的方式组合运行时才会暴露出来.而这种复杂的、有机的组合方式,从设计库的测试角度看很难形成.提出两种新的测试方法,根据通信库结构的分层特性,利用可移植的上层库的测试程序来测试下层库.上层库的测试程序也可看做是下层库的应用程序,但与一般的下层库应用程序不同,它几乎覆盖了下层库的各个部分,且有机地将它们组合起来,运行时形成某种复杂的形态,而仅用下层库的测试程序往往达不到这种形态.这样,逃过下层库测试程序的错误就可能暴露出来.
中文关键词: 并行计算  通信库  测试方法  MPI  BLACS
Abstract:Testing of communication libraries for parallel computing plays an important role in parallel computing systems. In general, testing of communication libraries is done by some testers designed to test every or several parts of the libraries separately. However, many errors of libraries can not be tested by the separate methods, and they will appear when many parts of libraries are running by combination of them in term of a kind of complicated and organic way. But it is rather difficult that the complicated and organic combinations result from the design of library testers themselves. This paper proposes two new testing approaches, which are based on the feature of layered library architectures and test lower libraries by portable testers of upper libraries. The testers of upper libraries can also be regarded as application programs of lower libraries, but they are different from general application programs of lower libraries. They almost cover every part of lower libraries, combine them organically, and form a complicated situation in run time, which can not be easily obtained only by testers of lower libraries. In this case, the errors may be exposed which can escape from the testers of lower libraries.
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XIONG Yu-qing,ZHANG Yun-quan.Study and Practice of Testing Approaches of Communication Libraries for Parallel Computing.Journal of Software,2000,11(12):1681-1684