Journal of Software:2000.11(9):1196-1201

A Seed Segment Based Orientation Independent Line Vectorization Method
SONG Ji-qiang,SU Feng,CHEN Ji-bing,CAI Shi-jie
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Received:February 28, 2000    Revised:April 18, 2000
> 中文摘要: 准确而高效的矢量化是工程图纸理解的基础.现有方法普遍存在3个不足:(1) 通过中心点链拟合生成线段的计算量大;(2) 相交或噪音的影响将一条完整的直线先分段矢量化,然后再拼接起来,需要大量遍历操作;(3) 对斜线的处理能力明显低于对水平或垂直线的处理能力.该文提出了一种基于种子段的直线整体矢量化方法,此方法可以一次性识别一条完整的直线,既适用于任意方向的直线,又避免了拼接所需的反复遍历操作.性能分析和实验结果均表明,该方法明显提高了直线矢量化的性能.
Abstract:Accurate and efficient vectorization are the foundation of engineering drawing understanding. The existing vectorization methods have three main shortages: (1) A line segment is fitted using a chain of medial axis points so that the computational complexity is high; (2) A lot of time-consuming searching and judging operations are needed to combine the separated segments caused by noise or intersections; (3) The capability of processing slant lines is much lower than that of processing vertical or horizontal lines. In this paper, the authors propose a seed segment based global line vectorization method, which vectorizes an entire line in one step so that the combining step is avoided. Furthermore, it processes the lines of any orientation in the same way. Both the performance evaluation and experimental results show that the performance of line vectorization is significantly improved using the proposed method.
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SONG Ji-qiang,SU Feng,CHEN Ji-bing,CAI Shi-jie.A Seed Segment Based Orientation Independent Line Vectorization Method.Journal of Software,2000,11(9):1196-1201