Journal of Software:2000.11(9):1167-1175

Incremental Geometric Compression
LIU Xin-guo,BAO Hu-jun,PENG Qun-sheng
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Received:February 28, 2000    Revised:April 17, 2000
> 中文摘要: 提出了一个几何压缩算法,用以节省三角网格模型存储和传输时间.它首先递归地以区域扩张方式将模型分解为一系列的层结构,利用层间的连贯性以及对层结构的有效编码,实现了高效的拓扑压缩.同时,还设计了一个有效的非线性预测器来实现几何位置的压缩.与以前的算法相比,它具有线性复杂度、压缩比高、执行速度快的特点.实验结果表明,存储一个三角形的拓扑信息平均只需1.42比特.
Abstract:A geometric compression algorithm is presented in this paper to save the geometry model storage and transmission time. This method decomposes the model into a series of layers in a way of region growing. These layers are then encoded effectively by using inter-layers coherence, so that the topology information of the model is compressed dramatically. Experimental results show that it takes only an average of 1.42 bits per triangle. Additionally, a non-linear geometry predictor is designed to compress the geometric information. Compared with the previous work, this algorithm is of linear complexity, and it can be implemented effectively.
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LIU Xin-guo,BAO Hu-jun,PENG Qun-sheng.Incremental Geometric Compression.Journal of Software,2000,11(9):1167-1175