Journal of Software:2000.11(7):965-970

An Intention Model for Agent
HU Shan-li,SHI Chun-yi
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Received:January 13, 1999    Revised:August 20, 1999
> 中文摘要: 意图是Agent的一个不可缺少的意识属性,在决定理性Agent的行为时起着重要的作用.已经有了若干种基于正规模态逻辑的意图模型,但它们存在着严重的“逻辑全知”问题.该文阐明意图不是正规模态算子,并提出了另一种意图模型,它不存在“逻辑全知”问题和其他相关问题(例如,副作用问题等).这种意图模型与Konolige和Pollack的意图模型相比,比较简单、自然,且满足K公理和联合一致性原理,实际上,为非正规模态算子基于正规可能世界的语义表示提供了一种新的方法.
Abstract:Intentions, an integral part of the mental state of an agent, play an important role in determining the behavior of rational agents. There are several models of intention based on normal modal logic. But these theories suffer from the omniscience problem seriously. In this paper, the authors argue that intention is not a normal modal operator, and present another intention model. It doesn't have the logical omniscience problem and other related problems such as side-effect problem, etc. Compared with Konolige and Pollack's model of intention, this model not only is simpler and more natural, but also satisfies the K-axiom and the Joint Consistency. Actually it gives a new method for semantic representation of non-normal modal operators based on normal possible worlds.
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HU Shan-li,SHI Chun-yi.An Intention Model for Agent.Journal of Software,2000,11(7):965-970