Journal of Software:2000.11(7):931-937

A Role-Based Access Control Model for CSCW Systems
LI Cheng-kai,ZHAN Yong-zhao,MAO Bing,XIE Li
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Received:January 19, 1999    Revised:July 12, 1999
> 中文摘要: 针对现有的方法不能很好地满足CSCW系统对访问控制提出的新的需求,该文提出了一个基于角色的CSCW系统访问控制模型RBCSAC(role-based collaborative systems access control).该模型形式化地描述了数据、操作、权限、角色和用户等要素及其相互间的关系,提供访问控制信息的记录方法,通过分配和取消角色来完成对用户权限的授予和取消,并且提供了角色分配规则和操作合法性检查规则.该模型针对CSCW系统的多用户、交互、协作、实时、动态等特性,能较好地满足CSCW系统对访问控制的需求.
中文关键词: CSCW,访问控制,角色.
Abstract:CSCW systems introduce new requirements for access control, which cannot be met by using existing models. In this paper, a new role-based access control model, RBCSAC (role-based collaborative systems access control), is introduced to meet these requirements. This model formally describes the relationship between the key elements of access control such as data, operation, privilege, role and user. It provides the method for recording access control information. The model grants and revokes access privileges of cooperative users by assigning them some roles and canceling their roles. Two role-assignment rules are also provided and two operation legality checking rules. RBCSAC model is brought forward aiming at accommodating with the characteristics of collaborative systems such as multi-user, interaction, collaboration, real-time, dynamic. This model can meet the requirements for access control in CSCW systems adequately.
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LI Cheng-kai,ZHAN Yong-zhao,MAO Bing,XIE Li.A Role-Based Access Control Model for CSCW Systems.Journal of Software,2000,11(7):931-937