Journal of Software:2000.11(7):918-923

Design and Implementation of a Mobile Agent Structured Migration Mechanism
TAO Xianping,LüJian,ZHANG Guanqun,LI Xin,DONG Huan
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Received:May 24, 1999    Revised:August 03, 1999
> 中文摘要: 移动agent计算模式将成为未来网络计算的主流模式.移动agent的迁移机制是其技术核心之一.该文分析了现有移动agent系统中采用的几种代表性迁移技术,提出了一种新的结构化迁移机制.该机制的主要特点如下:(1) agent的旅行计划和功能体完全分离;(2) 旅行计划本身也具有严格定义的结构;(3) 提供了3种灵活有力的迁移模式.因此,它能有效地控制移动agent的复杂度,有利于agent的复用.在该机制的基础上,设计并实现了移动agent系统Mogent1.0.
Abstract:Mobile agent computation will be the main paradigm of the future network computation. The mobility is the essence of mobile agent technology. After surveying some representative approaches to migration models used in mobile agent systems, the authors propose a new structured migration mechanism in this paper. In this mechanism, the itinerary and the function body of an agent are separated completely and the itinerary scheme itself has its own strictly defined structure. Besides, three kinds of migration mode are also provided. So the complexity of mobile agents can be controlled and the reusability is supported. This mechanism has been used in the mobile agent system Mogent 1.0.
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TAO Xianping,LüJian,ZHANG Guanqun,LI Xin,DONG Huan.Design and Implementation of a Mobile Agent Structured Migration Mechanism.Journal of Software,2000,11(7):918-923