Journal of Software:2000.11(6):848-852

A Method for Disseminating and Integrating Relational Database across Networks
XI Jian-qing,XIA Zhi-zhong,LIU Fa-gui
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Received:September 21, 1998    Revised:May 30, 1999
> 中文摘要: 该文针对现有数据库信息网上发布和集成方法的缺点,提出了一种新的发布和集成方法,称为MOAT(movable operations as texts,可移动文本化操作)模型.该方法不是把数据库的操作以一段程序的方式表示并在网上发布,而是表示为一段文本文字来发布.其特点是表示方式简洁直观并具有可修改性.允许用户通过简单的工具,直观地修改或复合已有的数据库访问操作,生成新的数据库访问操作,并且可以根据需要将新的操作在网上再发布.文章还介绍了MOAT模型的一种实现框架,最后提出了展望.
Abstract:Current methods for disseminating and accessing database data or information have a few drawbacks. This paper proposes a new way, which is called MOAT (movable operations as texts) model. The model differs from the traditional ones in the representation of the database accessing operation across the network. MOAT represents the operation as a kind of text description while the traditional methods use a segment of programs (such as Java applets) to represent data accessing operations. MOAT model makes the transference of operations more succinct, visualized and modifiable. Users can easily modify or integrate the existing operations in text formats to form new database operations, which can also be disseminated again across the network. This paper also introduces an implementation architecture of MOAT model. Some further work is given finally.
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XI Jian-qing,XIA Zhi-zhong,LIU Fa-gui.A Method for Disseminating and Integrating Relational Database across Networks.Journal of Software,2000,11(6):848-852