Journal of Software:2000.11(6):816-822

An Effective Resource Reservation Strategy for Guaranteed End-to-End Delay Requirements
ZHAN Yong-zhao,ZENG Qing-kai,HE Dan,XIE Li
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Received:November 23, 1998    Revised:June 07, 1999
> 中文摘要: 从把全局的延迟界QoS需求划分为各链路局部的QoS需求的角度出发,讨论了满足端到端的延迟界进行资源预约的限制条件,提出一种新的资源分配代价函数和按分配代价最小化的原则进行各链路资源分配的方法,并且给出了一种分布式的三遍搜索资源预约算法.其目标是使网络资源使用更均衡、更合理,以利于接纳更多的调用请求.同时,还介绍了将这种资源预约法应用于多点通信连接建立资源预约处理过程中的情况.最后,给出该资源预约法的模拟结果,显示了该方法的有效性.
Abstract:Based on the perspective of dividing the total QoS requirement of delay bound into local QoS requirements among links along the path, the authors examine the constraint conditions of resource reservation for satisfying end-to-end delay bound, present a new cost function for resource allocation and a method of the resource allocation for the links according to the principle of cost minimization, and give a distributed three-phase resource reservation algorithm in this paper. The purpose is to make the use of network resources more balanced and more reasonable in order that more call requests can be admitted in future. Furthermore, also discusse resource reservation processing for multicast connection establishment to which the method is applied. Finally, the results of simulations for the method are given and the effectiveness of the method is confirmed.
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基金项目:本文研究得到国家863高科技项目基金(No.863-306-02-07)和日本邮政省Telecommunication Advanced Organization(TAO)基金资助。 本文研究得到国家863高科技项目基金(No.863-306-02-07)和日本邮政省Telecommunication Advanced Organization(TAO)基金资助。
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ZHAN Yong-zhao,ZENG Qing-kai,HE Dan,XIE Li.An Effective Resource Reservation Strategy for Guaranteed End-to-End Delay Requirements.Journal of Software,2000,11(6):816-822