Journal of Software:2000.11(6):791-798

A Scheme of Active Hierarchical Multicast Routing
HE Dan,CHEN Dao-xu,XIE Li
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Received:February 09, 1999    Revised:June 10, 1999
> 中文摘要: 许多应用需要IP多目通信.在Internet大规模应用IP Multicast时,有效的路由是关键.这样的多目路由协议必须是有效的、可伸缩的和增量可配置的.但是传统的Internet路由对性能是不敏感的,不能平衡负载和处理拥塞.现有的大多数多目通信路由协议不仅负责数据转发,还负责路由树的构造,这给路由器带来了极大的复杂性,而且协议的配置是手动的、费时费钱的工作.该文提出一个主动层次式Multicast路由的体系结构,采用主动网络技术将多目通信路由协议的数据转发和控制机制分开,根据链路的状态信息用主动报文控
Abstract:Many applications need IP multicast. In order to support large-scale multicast applications in Internet, effective multicast routing is crucial. These multicast routing protocols must possess efficacy, scalability and incremental deployment capability. But the existing multicast routing protocols are performance insensitive and cannot deal with traffic load balancing and congestion-oriented routing. Many multicast routing protocols not only take charge of data forwarding but also participate in routing control algorithms, which results in more complexity for routers. Furthermore, large-scale deployment of these multicast routing protocols in Internet is a manual, costly process. In this paper, the authors present a novel Active Hierarchical Multicast Routing scheme (AHMR) based on active network technologies by separating data forwarding and routing control protocol. Based on link-state protocol, it uses active packet to set up multicast routing as an efficient, automatically upgrading routing scheme for large-scale multicast applications in Internet. The architecture, control protocol, the proof of its correctness and its advantages over other schemes are demonstrated.
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HE Dan,CHEN Dao-xu,XIE Li.A Scheme of Active Hierarchical Multicast Routing.Journal of Software,2000,11(6):791-798