Journal of Software:2000.11(6):751-757

Review on Active Contour Model (Snake Model)
LI Pei-hua,ZHANG Tian-wen
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Received:October 10, 1999    Revised:January 21, 2000
> 中文摘要: 在传统的计算机视觉领域,严格的各自独立的分层理论有广泛的影响.这种理论认为,底层的视觉任务的完成只能依赖于从图像本身获得的信息.Kass等人对这种模型提出了挑战,于1987年提出了称为Snake的主动轮廓线模型(active contour model).近10多年来,Snake模型在计算机视觉领域得到了广泛应用,取得了许多重要的进展.该文回顾了近10多年来Snake模型的研究、发展及应用情况,并对未来的发展方向进行了展望.
Abstract:In the field of traditional computer vision, the theory, in which the visual interpretation task comprises several levels that can be managed independently, has great influence on researchers. It presents that the information for accomplishing low level visual task can only be obtained from image itself. Kass et al. challenged the theory by developing an active contour model called Snake in 1987. Since then, this model has been enjoying a wide range of applications in the field of computer vision and significant advances have been made. The paper reviews the research, development and applications of the active contour model, and presents possible future research orientations.
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LI Pei-hua,ZHANG Tian-wen.Review on Active Contour Model (Snake Model).Journal of Software,2000,11(6):751-757