Journal of Software:2000.11(5):707-710

Accurate Baum-Welch Algorithm Free from Overflow
JIA Bin,ZHU Xiao-yan,LUO Yu-pin,HU Dong-cheng
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Received:March 25, 1999    Revised:June 01, 1999
> 中文摘要: Baum-Welch算法是在语音领域中用于HMM(hidden Markov model)模型参数训练的最基本方法之一.但它在多样本训练时存在着严重的上、下溢问题,需要不断地人工介入来调整中间参数.该文提出了一种新的能消除上、下溢问题的Baum-Welch改进算法.该算法不但摆脱了人工介入,保证了计算的精度,而且不会带来过大的计算和存储要求.实验结果表明了这种新算法的有效性.
Abstract:Baum-Welch algorithm, which is often troubled with overflow, is one of the basic methods in the field of speech signal processing. People have to adjust the inner parameters constantly. So in this paper, a modified Baum-Welch algorithm is presented to avoid the overflow completely. With this algorithm manual adjustment is not needed and the computation accuracy is guaranteed. There is no significant extra cost of computation and storage. The feasibility of the new algorithm is shown in the experiment.
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JIA Bin,ZHU Xiao-yan,LUO Yu-pin,HU Dong-cheng.Accurate Baum-Welch Algorithm Free from Overflow.Journal of Software,2000,11(5):707-710