Journal of Software:2000.11(2):277-284

Research on the Shift Controlling Algorithm of Global and Immediate Focuses in Text Planning
YAO Tian-fang,TANG Xue-yan
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Received:November 23, 1998    Revised:March 01, 1999
> 中文摘要: 该文完善了全局焦点和局部焦点的移动规则,使规则适合更广泛的应用领域.所提出的新算法以Mckeown的焦点算法为基础,将原来的栈式控制结构改进成树型控制结构,可以同时控制全局焦点和局部焦点的移动.新算法改进了Schema的扩充转移网络表示,为弧增加了重复特性和优先级的信息,还加入了对Schema进行递归的控制和回溯机制,并由知识库决定Schema的填充和递归.此外,又增加了对Schema可交换符号的处理.在此基础上,进一步介绍了实验系统的设计,并讨论了算法的效果.
Abstract:The improvement on the shift rules of global and immediate focuses is presented.The improved rules can be used for more extensive domain.Based on Mckeown's focus algorithm,a new algorithm that adopts tree as a controlling structure instead of stack is proposed.It can control the shift of both global and immediate focuses simultaneously.The new algorithm improves the ATN representation of Schema by adding repeat property and priority information to the edge and incorporates the control of the recursion of Schema and backtrack mechanism.The filling and recursion of Schema are determined by the knowledge base.Moreover,the new algorithm can also handle the interchangeable symbols in the Schema.The design of an experimental system based on the proposed algorithm is introduced and the effectiveness of the algorithm is discussed.
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YAO Tian-fang,TANG Xue-yan.Research on the Shift Controlling Algorithm of Global and Immediate Focuses in Text Planning.Journal of Software,2000,11(2):277-284