Journal of Software:2000.11(2):265-270

Integrated Processing Strategies for Spatial Query and Path Search
WU Jing,JING Ning,CHEN Luo
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Received:November 30, 1998    Revised:March 15, 1999
> 中文摘要: 在数据库研究中,路径搜索和空间查询处理被认为是两个互不相关的领域,然而在处理具有空间约束的路径查询时,需要数据库系统提供路径计算和空间查询处理两方面的功能.为了处理路径计算中的空间约束,考虑了两类处理策略:(1) 空间运算是否在路径计算之前预处理;(2) 空间对象是否在路径计算之前预选取.基于这两类策略,应用现有的空间连接、R-树空间搜索和空间对象聚类技术,提出4种集成的空间路径查询处理方法.
Abstract:Path search and spatial query are considered as two independent topics in database research.The processing of path query with spatial constraint needs both path computation and spatial query.To provide path computation with spatial constraint,two processing strategies are considered:(1) whether pre-processing spatial operation before path computation,and (2) whether pre-filtering spatial objects before path computation.Based on these two strategies,four integrated spatial path query processing approaches are proposed in this paper.
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WU Jing,JING Ning,CHEN Luo.Integrated Processing Strategies for Spatial Query and Path Search.Journal of Software,2000,11(2):265-270