Journal of Software:2000.11(2):207-212

基于协议集成测试系统的IP v4协议一致性测试
Conformance Testing on Internet IP v4 Based on Protocol Integrated Test System
WANG Jian-guo,WU Jian-ping,CHEN Xiu-huan,FENG Xiao-dong
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Received:January 12, 1999    Revised:March 18, 1999
> 中文摘要: TCP/IP协议实现的一致性测试是保证Internet网络设备之间互连与互操作的基础.该文基于协议集成测试环境进行了IP(Internet protocol)协议一致性测试研究和实际测试,并针对IP端系统和中继系统分别采用了分布式和远程横断式测试法,设计生成了IP一致性测试集.并且已将IP协议的一致性测试应用到路由器的开发和研制过程中.
Abstract:Conformance testing of TCP/IP protocol is the first step for interoperability among Internet network products.The conformance testing of the Internet protocol with a PITS (protocol integrated test system) is presented in this paper.The authors use the distributed test method and remote traverse test method to test IP (Internet protocol) end system and IP relay system in Internet,respectively.IP test suite in TTCN (tree and table combined notation) is derived according to IP test purposes.Furthermore,the IP conformance testing has been applied for developing routers.
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王建国,吴建平,陈修环,冯晓东.基于协议集成测试系统的IP v4协议一致性测试.软件学报,2000,11(2):207-212

WANG Jian-guo,WU Jian-ping,CHEN Xiu-huan,FENG Xiao-dong.Conformance Testing on Internet IP v4 Based on Protocol Integrated Test System.Journal of Software,2000,11(2):207-212