Journal of Software:2000.11(2):179-186

Analysis of Broadband IP Router Architecture
XU Ke,XIONG Yong-qiang,WU Jian-ping
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Received:July 01, 1999    Revised:September 28, 1999
> 中文摘要: 随着宽带技术的不断发展,组建主干网的路由器必然需要以千兆比特以上的速率转发分组,而基于总线和中央处理器的路由器具有无法克服的局限,这就对传统的路由器体系结构提出了严峻的挑战.该文全面综述了近年来在宽带IP(Internet protocol)路由器方面研究的最新进展,详细分析了用于主干网互连的宽带IP路由器的体系结构设计,最后,指出了该领域中需要进一步研究的问题.
Abstract:With the increasing development of broadband technology,the speed of packets forwarding needs to be over gigabits per second for the backbone routers.Traditional routers have some insuperable barriers and can not solve the problem based on shared-bus and central processing unit.It is a great challenge for the future router architecture.In this article,the authors survey the recent advances in the research of broadband IP router,and analyze the architecture design of the fourth generation backbone router in detail.Finally,some challenging open problems are identified.
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XU Ke,XIONG Yong-qiang,WU Jian-ping.Analysis of Broadband IP Router Architecture.Journal of Software,2000,11(2):179-186