Journal of Software:2000.11(1):138-142

A New Graph Drawing Algorithm for Undirected Graphs
HUANG Jing-wei,HUANG Jing-wei,CHEN Yu-ping
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Received:September 25, 1998    Revised:January 22, 1999
> 中文摘要: 将一般无向图的画图问题转化为函数优化问题,用遗传算法求目标函数的最优解的近似值,从而得到无向图自动画图算法的一个一般框架.新方法的特点是:不同的画图算法的框架都一样,所不同的只是反映无向图画图问题的美观标准的目标函数.其优点在于,算法统一、方法简单、容易实现、便于修改,并且易于并行化,可以直接用来画非连通图.
Abstract:In this paper, the authors transform the problem of undirected graph drawing to the problem of function optimization, then use genetic algorithms to find approximate optimal solutions of the objective function, and thus obtain a general structure of undirected graph drawing algorithms. The characters of the new method are: the structures of the different graph drawing algorithms are the same, the difference exists only in the objective functions which reflect aesthetic criteria. The advantages of the method are: unified algorithms, simplicity, easy modification and parallelism, and it can be used to draw non-connected graphs directly.
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HUANG Jing-wei,HUANG Jing-wei,CHEN Yu-ping.A New Graph Drawing Algorithm for Undirected Graphs.Journal of Software,2000,11(1):138-142