Journal of Software:2000.11(1):122-125

Design and Implementation of a Virtual Internet Server
ZHANG Wen-song,WU Ting-ting,JIN Shi-yao,WU Quan-yuan
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Received:October 26, 1998    Revised:March 01, 1999
> 中文摘要: 针对已有的解决Internet服务器性能瓶颈和可靠性问题的方法所存在的不足,提出基于IP层负载平衡调度的解决方法,将一组服务器构成一个可伸缩的、高可用的虚拟Internet服务器.通过在服务机群中透明地加入和删除结点以实现系统的伸缩性;通过检测结点或服务进程故障和正确地重置系统达到高可用性.详细讨论了虚拟Internet服务器的体系结构、设计方法和实现技术,并给出了相应的性能测试结果.
Abstract:The shortcomings of the existing solutions to the performance bottleneck and reliability problem of Internet servers are analyzed, and a solution based on IP-level load balancing is given in this paper, in which a scalable and highly available virtual Internet server can be built on a cluster of servers. Scalability is achieved by transparently adding or removing a node in the cluster. High availability can be provided by detecting the node or daemon failures and reconfiguring the system appropriately. The architecture, design and implementation of the virtual Internet server are discussed in detail. Brief performance testing results are also provided.
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ZHANG Wen-song,WU Ting-ting,JIN Shi-yao,WU Quan-yuan.Design and Implementation of a Virtual Internet Server.Journal of Software,2000,11(1):122-125