Journal of Software:2000.11(1):79-84

Active Network on Mobile Agents
ZENG Xiao-ping,SUN Yong-qiang,XIE Jian-hua
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Received:June 30, 1998    Revised:December 28, 1998
> 中文摘要: 在介绍主动网络的基础上,提出了一个在移动代理系统基础上建立的安全而高效的主动网络系统框架MANet(mobile agents based active network).通过将程序代码和数据封装成主动数据包在主动结点上作为代理来运行,这个框架实现了集成化的主动网络,并且通过基于CodeBroker的代码装载和缓存技术改善了整个主动网络的性能和灵活性.
Abstract:Based on the introduction of active network, the MANet (mobile agents based active network) is presented as a secure and efficient active network system constructed on the mobile agents system. It implements integrated active networks by capsule the program code and data into an active package which can run on active node as an agent. Also the performance and flexibility of active network are improved by the on-demand code loading and caching based on the CodeBroker.
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ZENG Xiao-ping,SUN Yong-qiang,XIE Jian-hua.Active Network on Mobile Agents.Journal of Software,2000,11(1):79-84