Journal of Software:1999.10(12):1259-1267

陈文光,杨 博,王紫瑶,郑丰宙,郑纬民
An Interactive Fortran77 Parallelizing System
CHEN Wen-guang,YANG Bo,WANG Zi-yao,ZHENG Feng-zhou,ZHENG Wei-min
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Received:November 06, 1998    Revised:February 01, 1999
> 中文摘要: 并行化编译器可以把现有的串行程序自动或半自动地转换为并行程序.现有并行化系统的自动并行化效果与手工并行化的效果相比还有一定的差距,这是由于并行化工具的分析能力不足以及程序中所固有的语义信息无法被并行化工具所理解而造成的.TIPS(Tsinghua interactive parallelizing system)系统通过提供一些友好的交互式工具,使用户与编译器紧密协作,是提高并行化系统的能力和效率的一条有效途径.
Abstract:Parallelizing compiler can transform serial programs to parallel programs automatically or semi-automatically. The up-to-date automatic parallelizing systems cannot generate parallel codes as good as hand coding for many applications. The main reason is that they cannot manipulate the complexities of real applications. What's more, there are some semantic information in the program that the automatic tools can never know without user's knowledge. TIPS (Tsinghua interactive parallelizing system) provides some user-friendly interactive tools so that the compiler and user can cooperate with each other. It is an effective way to improve the capability and efficiency of parallelizing compiler.
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陈文光,杨 博,王紫瑶,郑丰宙,郑纬民.一个交互式的Fortran77并行化系统.软件学报,1999,10(12):1259-1267

CHEN Wen-guang,YANG Bo,WANG Zi-yao,ZHENG Feng-zhou,ZHENG Wei-min.An Interactive Fortran77 Parallelizing System.Journal of Software,1999,10(12):1259-1267