Journal of Software:1999.10(11):1199-1205

Procedure of Intersection and Trimming for Composite Triangular Bézier Surface
LI Ji-jun,KE Ying-lin,CHENG Yao-dong
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Received:September 07, 1998    Revised:December 28, 1998
> 中文摘要: 该文利用三角Bézier曲面片的可分割性,解决了迭代收敛、初始交点计算等问题;通过近曲面点、边界点跨越等过程,实现了由一个初始交点将跨越许多曲面片的整条交线跟踪出来的设想.将各交点作为型值点插入曲面中,对三角网格进行三角再划分,以交线为界进行三角网格和型值点的分离,最后重新生成两张复合曲面,实现了裁剪的目的.测试结果显示,此方法简单、可靠,能够满足曲面造型的要求.
Abstract:Using the splitting property of tringular Bézier patch, the problems of iterating and initial intersection point calculating can be solved. By the procedures of near surface point iterating and border points traversing, the whole intersection curve traversing many patches can be traced from one initial intersection point. Inserting intersection points as measure points into surface, retriangulating grids, splitting triangular grids and measure points along intersection curve, the original surface can be trimmed into two composite triangular Bézier surfaces. The experimental results show that this method is simple, robust and applicable for surface modeling.
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LI Ji-jun,KE Ying-lin,CHENG Yao-dong.Procedure of Intersection and Trimming for Composite Triangular Bézier Surface.Journal of Software,1999,10(11):1199-1205