Journal of Software:1999.10(11):1169-1173

Abstraction Events' Complete Logical-time
DONG Hong,SUN Yong-qiang
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Received:March 11, 1998    Revised:November 23, 1998
> 中文摘要: 调试分布式应用系统要比调试顺序程序困难得多,原因之一是分布式应用系统要比顺序程序复杂得多.为了处理分布式应用系统的复杂性,提出了对分布式应用系统的事件进行抽象的调试方法,这种方法让用户从不同的层次观察分布式应用系统的行为.在对分布式应用系统进行调试和抽象时,抽象事件(事件集)之间的先于关系起着重要作用,而逻辑时钟用来确定事件间的先于关系.文章给出了一种计算抽象事件的完备逻辑时钟的方法,这种方法比以往的方法所占存储量小,而且计算速度快.另外,文中还给出了算法的正确性证明.
Abstract:Debugging the distributed applications is very difficult. One of the reasons why this problem is made is that the distributed applications are inherently more complex than sequential ones. To solve this problem, the method of abstracting events is proposed, which lets the users grasp the various aspects of behaviors of a distributed application. Abstract event timestamp is used to decide the “happened before” relation among abstract events, which plays a very important role in abstracting and debugging the distributed applications. In this paper, a new complete algorithm of timestamping abstract event is proposed, which needs less storage and costs less time than others. Proofs of the correctness of the algorithms are also given in this paper.
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DONG Hong,SUN Yong-qiang.Abstraction Events' Complete Logical-time.Journal of Software,1999,10(11):1169-1173