Journal of Software:1999.10(11):1138-1141

A Three-stage Model of Incremental Maintenance of Multi-materialized Views
WANG Teng-jiao,WANG Hai-yang,HONG Xiao-guang,DONG Ji-run
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Received:October 06, 1998    Revised:December 21, 1998
> 中文摘要: 文章提出了一种基于并行流水线处理方式的多物化视图(materialized views)增量保持方法,即在先进行筛选的条件下,利用归类拓扑排序,将所有物化视图进行分类,使每一类中的视图之间没有嵌套定义关系.最后对每一类中的所有视图利用基于信号量控制机制的流水线模式并行处理,以达到对多物化视图实现增量保持的目的.
Abstract:A new method is presented in this paper, which is about incremental maintenance of multi-materialized views based on parallel pipeline process. In this process, the authors classify all the materialized views first by using choosing methods, then by classified topological sorting, so that no nested definitions of relations exist among these views. Finally, in order to maintain the incremental multi-materialized views, they process in parallel all the views by utilizing pipeline model of semaphore process mechanism.
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WANG Teng-jiao,WANG Hai-yang,HONG Xiao-guang,DONG Ji-run.A Three-stage Model of Incremental Maintenance of Multi-materialized Views.Journal of Software,1999,10(11):1138-1141