Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1091-1095

A Tool for Monitoring and Profiling HPF Programs
DU Zhi-hui,WANG Jian-ping,CHENG Xu,XU Zhuo-qun,SHI Li-xia
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Received:January 20, 1998    Revised:November 02, 1998
> 中文摘要: 该文介绍了一个构筑在HPF(high performance Fortran)编译系统之上的性能监测与性能分析工具.文章概述了HPF编译系统,讨论了性能分析的重要性及主要任务,详细介绍了这一工具所使用的性能分析方法和性能监测与性能数据收集方法,并对此工具的使用效果进行了总结.
Abstract:In this paper, the authors introduce a monitoring and profiling tool which is used in a high performance Fortran (HPF) compilation system. A brief overview of the HPF compilation system is given first, then the importance and main tasks of performance analysis are discussed, the method of performance profiling and monitoring and the method of performance data collecting are given in detail. The paper is concluded with a description of the tool’s role in the HPF compilation system.
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都志辉,汪剑平,程 旭,许卓群,石利霞.一种HPF程序的监测与分析工具.软件学报,1999,10(10):1091-1095

DU Zhi-hui,WANG Jian-ping,CHENG Xu,XU Zhuo-qun,SHI Li-xia.A Tool for Monitoring and Profiling HPF Programs.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1091-1095