Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1067-1072

Server-based Hierarchical Filtering Scheme in Distributed Interactive Simulation
SHI Yang,JIN Shi-yao,ZHANG Chen-xi
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Received:June 29, 1998    Revised:October 16, 1998
> 中文摘要: 大规模分布交互仿真对网络带宽、处理资源等提出了很高的要求,采用数据过滤机制可大大降低对网络带宽和计算资源的压力,有利于系统可扩性.然而对于高效过滤机制,仿真结点机要接收和处理足够的过滤信息.当系统规模增大时,大量过滤信息交换和处理占用了过多的计算资源,影响了正常的仿真任务.该文提出了一种基于Server的层次化过滤机制,解决了仿真节点计算能力受限的问题.同时,新的机制利用仿真的内在局部性,开发了两级过滤信息,从而减少了Server内部过滤信息计算量.
Abstract:Distributed interactive simulation requires high network bandwidth and computation capacity which caused by redundant data when the system’s scale increases. This situation can be alleviated by data filtering to great extent. But the effective filtering scheme requires simulation hosts receiving accurate filtering information and high processing capability, this consumes too much computation resources when systems grow. In this paper, the authors propose a server-based hierarchical filtering scheme. New scheme frees the simulation hosts from the filtering processing and avails system’s scalability. New scheme also exploits the potential locality of distributed interactive simulation, which reduces the amounts of filtering messages exchanged and filtering computation.
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史 扬,金士尧,张晨曦.分布交互仿真中基于Server的层次过滤机制.软件学报,1999,10(10):1067-1072

SHI Yang,JIN Shi-yao,ZHANG Chen-xi.Server-based Hierarchical Filtering Scheme in Distributed Interactive Simulation.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1067-1072