Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1061-1066

Parallel Tasks Partitioning of Load-balancing for a Multiple Layers Numerical Simulation of Reservoir
SHU Ji-wu,SHU Ji-wu,ZHOU Wei-si,ZHANG De-fu
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Received:May 12, 1998    Revised:October 09, 1998
> 中文摘要: 该文基于分布式并行计算机系统,对一类多层二维二相流油藏数值模拟问题给出了3种任务划分策略—“卷帘”方式、区域分解方式和“卷帘”与区域分解结合的方式,对它们进行了比较,提出了减少求解时间、利于负载均衡和提高并行性能的任务划分方法,并实际应用于有多达72万个网格节点的大规模油藏模拟问题.实算结果表明,该策略划分产生的并行求解任务均衡,有利于加速比的提高.该方法也适用于区域或数据并行的任务划分问题.
Abstract:In this paper, three tasks division strategies of load-balancing are given, which include a round-robin fashion, a domain partitioning fashion and a fashion of round-robin combining with domain partitioning, and a comparison is made. Then tasks division methods are proposed which can reduce solving times and benefit load-balancing and increases parallel efficiency for a simulation of reservoir of multiple layers two-dimension two-phase flow numerical problems on distributed memory parallel systems. This approach is applied to a large scale reservoir simulation which has over 720 000 grid points. The practical results show that the tasks generated by the strategy are well-balanced and benefit to improve speedup. This approach is apt to the problems for domain parallel or data parallel.
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SHU Ji-wu,SHU Ji-wu,ZHOU Wei-si,ZHANG De-fu.Parallel Tasks Partitioning of Load-balancing for a Multiple Layers Numerical Simulation of Reservoir.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1061-1066