Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1054-1060

(清华大学计算机科学与技术系,北京,100084;William Paterson大学计算机科学系,美国)
Analyzing Speedups of a Run-Time Pointer Aliasing Disambiguation Method
QIAO Lin,TANG Zhi-zhong,ZHANG Chi-hong,SU Bo-gong
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Received:June 22, 1998    Revised:November 06, 1998
> 中文摘要: 采用软硬件结合的运行时消除指针别名歧义方法SHRTD(software/hardware run-time disambiguation)适用于不可逆代码,同时,它的代码空间受到限制,不存在严重的代码可重入性问题.文章详细分析了SHRTD方法的指令级并行加速比,给出了发生地址冲突后的并行加速比与平均并行加速比以及发生地址冲突的依概率并行加速比.文章引入的三类理论加速比对指令级并行编译技术的研究和评测有重要的实际意义
Abstract:A new run-time pointer aliasing disambiguation method, SHRTD, combined with software and hardware techniques, can be used for irreversible code and has very limited compensation code space and no serious rerollability problem. In this paper, instruction-level parallel speedups of the SHRTD method are analyzed in detail. Speedups and mean speedups where address conflicts occurred and speedups where address conflicts will occur according to their probabilities are given. Three theoretical speedups introduced in this paper are very useful for studying and evaluating instruction-level parallel compiling techniques.
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乔 林,汤志忠,张赤红,苏伯珙.运行时消除指针别名歧义方法的加速比分析.软件学报,1999,10(10):1054-1060

QIAO Lin,TANG Zhi-zhong,ZHANG Chi-hong,SU Bo-gong.Analyzing Speedups of a Run-Time Pointer Aliasing Disambiguation Method.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1054-1060