Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1047-1053

A Difference-based Traffic Scheduling Algorithm
SUN Li-min,DOU Wen-hua,GONG Zheng-hu,ZHOU Xing-ming
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Received:July 13, 1998    Revised:October 16, 1998
> 中文摘要: 调度算法决定不同应用的包在输出链路上的发送顺序,是网络提供QoS服务的关键技术.该文给出了系统虚时钟和连接虚时钟差值有界的调度算法框架VDBF(virtual clock difference-bounded framework).在此基础上,采用周期修正系统虚时钟的方法和层次式排序结构,提出了简单公平的调度算法DFQR(difference-based fair queueing by re-calibration).此调度算法在网络延迟、调度公平性和实现复杂度之间达到了很好的折衷,理论证明和模拟显示出
Abstract:Packet scheduling algorithm controls the order of packet service, which is crucial in the design of a QoS network. In this paper, the authors first give a virtualclock difference-bounded framework (VDBF), then present a new scheduling algorithm——DFQR (difference-based fair queueing by re-calibration), in which they use a hierarchical structure, recalibrate the system virtual clock periodically, compromise network delay with fairness and implementation complexity. Finally, they demonstrate the performance benefit of DFQR by analysis and simulation.
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SUN Li-min,DOU Wen-hua,GONG Zheng-hu,ZHOU Xing-ming.A Difference-based Traffic Scheduling Algorithm.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1047-1053