Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1032-1037

Process Migration for the Network of Workstations
PEI Dan,WANG Dong-sheng,SHEN Mei-ming
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Received:July 20, 1998    Revised:October 09, 1998
> 中文摘要: 进程迁移是工作站网络系统实现负载平衡、提高系统可用性功能的重要手段.该文提出了一种基于接收/发送方消息记录的进程迁移技术.它在消息传递库PVM(parallel virtual machine)之上实现,具有对用户程序透明、可移植性好、开销小和实现简单等特点.此技术已实际应用于作者自行研制的“并行程序运行回卷恢复与进程迁移系统—ChaRM(checkpointing-based rollback recovery and migration system)”中.
Abstract:Process migration is an important tool on NOWs (network of workstations) for load-balancing and high availability. In this paper, the authors present a log-based approach to provide process migration for parallel applications. Because this approach is implemented on top of PVM (parallel virtual machine), it is transparent to users and portable. This approach has been used in the ChaRM (checkpointing-based rollback recovery and process migration system) system. The experiments show that the overhead is low.
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裴 丹,汪东升,沈美明.工作站网络系统进程迁移机制.软件学报,1999,10(10):1032-1037

PEI Dan,WANG Dong-sheng,SHEN Mei-ming.Process Migration for the Network of Workstations.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1032-1037