Journal of Software:1999.10(10):1016-1024

On QoS Control of Multimedia Information Networks
LIN Chuang
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Received:June 07, 1999    Revised:August 09, 1999
> 中文摘要: 文章综述了多媒体信息网络在服务质量(QoS)研究方面的一些最近的工作,着重论述了接纳控制和信源整形、QoS选路和资源预留、基于QoS的传输调度、综合服务网的QoS控制等问题.文章还描述了多媒体信息网络QoS控制的技术以及所面临的问题和进一步的研究方向.
Abstract:This is a review paper on recent works about quality of service (QoS) of multimedia information networks. A brief of the technologies considered in the literatures is given in this paper. These technologies include admission control, traffic shaping, QoS routing, resource reservation, QoS based scheduling, and QoS control for integrated services. A few of methodologies, research directions and open problems in this area are discussed in this paper.
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LIN Chuang 国家信息中心,北京,100045 
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林 闯.多媒体信息网络QoS的控制*.软件学报,1999,10(10):1016-1024

LIN Chuang.On QoS Control of Multimedia Information Networks.Journal of Software,1999,10(10):1016-1024