Journal of Software:1998.9(6):474-480

罗 军,汤志忠,张赤红
An Algorithm on Data Schedule in Software Pipeline
LUO Jun,TANG Zhi-zhong,ZHANG Chi-hong
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Received:March 13, 1997    Revised:June 12, 1997
> 中文摘要: 文章第1节对软件流水下多重循环中数据元素的调度进行了分析,着重讨论了用地址计数器完成简单地址运算的意义、ILSP(interlaced inner and outer loop software pipelining)算法的基本思想及其在此基础上分析了软件流水下多重循环中数据元素的调度特点;第2节进一步探讨了为完成调度而寻找地址控制信息序列的一般方法;第3、4节则分别讨论了用求得的地址控制信息序列控制地址计数器对数据元素的访问和将地址控制信息序列化简为精简地址控制信息序列的步骤;最后两节分别是实验结果和结
Abstract:In the first part of this paper, an analysis of the characteristics of data schedule under nested loops is presented. Three aspects which include the significance of the fulfillment of data accessing by the address counter, the principles of ILSP (interlaced inner and outer loop software pipelining) algorithm and under the idea of ILSP algorithm are presented. And a discussion of the data scheduling characteristics is given. In part 2, the key steps of how to derive the data addressing control sequence from the applications is listed. In part 3 and part 4, the authors respectively discuss how to apply the sequence of data accessing control to control the address counter and how to simplify the data accessing control sequence to the reduced data accessing control sequence. The part 5 is experiment results and part 6 is conclusion.
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罗 军,汤志忠,张赤红.软件流水中的一种数据调度算法.软件学报,1998,9(6):474-480

LUO Jun,TANG Zhi-zhong,ZHANG Chi-hong.An Algorithm on Data Schedule in Software Pipeline.Journal of Software,1998,9(6):474-480