Journal of Software:1998.9(6):458-463

刘 超
Program Interactive Execution Flow Chart and Its Coverage Test Criteria
LIU Chao
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Received:April 07, 1997    Revised:June 12, 1997
> 中文摘要: 文章提出一种程序交互执行流程图PIEF(program interactive execution flow chart),用于描述一个交互式软件的各种可能的交互执行过程.基于被测程序的交互执行流程图,进一步提出了功能测试的若干基本的测试覆盖准则、测试用例生成策略及其自动化方法.
Abstract:A PIEF (program interactive execution flow chart) is proposed, which shows intuitively the interactive execution process of a program, that is, all the input points in the program with possible transitions among them. Furthermore, in terms of the PIEF, the author puts forward a set of coverage criteria for the functional tests, strategies for the test case generation and related automation methods.
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刘 超.程序交互执行流程图及其测试覆盖准则.软件学报,1998,9(6):458-463

LIU Chao.Program Interactive Execution Flow Chart and Its Coverage Test Criteria.Journal of Software,1998,9(6):458-463