Journal of Software:1998.9(6):414-418

A Hierarchical Object-Oriented Software Requirements Model and Its Mechanical Support
ZHANG Jia-zhong,WANG Zhi-jian,YI Bo,XU Jia-fu
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Received:May 18, 1995    Revised:June 17, 1997
> 中文摘要: 为了研究需求级软件自动化技术,研制对象式软件需求分析支撑系统的需要,文章提出了一个层次化对象式软件需求模型NDHORM(Nanjing daxue hierarchical object-oriented requirements modelling),它主要包括对象关系模型、类关系模型和类字典3个组成部分.文章基于对对象式需求模型的简要讨论,详细介绍了NDHORM模型的组成、层次结构及对象精化,给出了NDHORM的构模过程,最后简要介绍了NDHORM模型的机器支撑系统.
Abstract:For sake of doing research on requirements-level software automation and developing an object-oriented requirements analysis support system, the authors have proposed a hierarchical object-oriented requirements model NDHORM(Nanjing daxue hierarchical object-oriented requirements modelling), which includes an object relationship model, a class relationship model and a class dictionary. First, the authors discusse object-oriented requirements analysis methods, then introduce the components, hierarchical structure of NDHORM, and its object refinement mechanism at length in this paper. Further, the authors chiefly address the modeling process of NDHORM. Finally, its mechanical support system is also reported.
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张家重,王志坚,伊 波,徐家福.对象式软件需求模型及其机器支撑.软件学报,1998,9(6):414-418

ZHANG Jia-zhong,WANG Zhi-jian,YI Bo,XU Jia-fu.A Hierarchical Object-Oriented Software Requirements Model and Its Mechanical Support.Journal of Software,1998,9(6):414-418