Journal of Software:1998.9(4):311-315

Research on Over-determined Logic for Handling the Inconsistency in Knowledge Bases
WANG Qing-yi,CHEN En-hong,LIU Gui-quan,CAI Qing-sheng
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Received:December 04, 1996    Revised:May 13, 1997
> 中文摘要: 本文首先分析了现有的能够处理知识库中不一致性的逻辑的不足,然后定义了超决定结构、模型和语义的概念,具体描述了超决定语义的计算过程,从而给出了一种能够处理知识库中不一致性的逻辑,并对该逻辑进行了一些讨论.
Abstract:In this paper, the authors discuss some drawbacks of several kinds of existing logic to handle inconsistency in knowledge bases at first, and then give the definition of over-determined structure, over-determined model and over-determined semantics. They also describe in detail the computation procedure for over-determined-semantics. As a result, a kind of logic for handling inconsistency is presented. Finally, a discussion on the over-determined logic is concluded with.
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WANG Qing-yi,CHEN En-hong,LIU Gui-quan,CAI Qing-sheng.Research on Over-determined Logic for Handling the Inconsistency in Knowledge Bases.Journal of Software,1998,9(4):311-315