Journal of Software:1998.9(4):263-267

Homogeneous Deformation Following the Shape of a Parametric Surface
FENG Jie-qing,PENG Qun-sheng,MA Li-zhuang
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Received:January 14, 1997    Revised:May 12, 1997
> 中文摘要: 基于参数曲面控制的物体自由变形是一项实用的技术.在已有的方法中,待变形物体被直接嵌入控制曲面的参数空间,由于映射的非线性,导致物体变形中出现扭曲现象.本文提出了一种基于参数曲面控制的均匀变形方法.新方法中,变形控制曲面首先以等距或局部等距的方式展开为平面,然后经由平面的线性映射,将待变形物体嵌入控制曲面的参数空间中,从而产生符合控制曲面形状的局部均匀变形.实验结果表明,本方法所产生的结果是令人满意的.
Abstract:Free-form deformation through the control of parametric surfaces is a flexible technique. In the old method objects to be deformed are embedded into the parametric space of the base surface directly and the undesired distortions are frequently introduced into the result. A homogeneous deformation method is proposed in this paper which successfully eliminates or alleviates the undesired distortion. The main difference between the proposed method and the existing methods is that the new one embeds objects into the parametric space of the base surface by isometric or locally isometric mapping using the planar development of the base surface as the intermediate medium, thus the object to be deformed can follow the shape of the base surface homogeneously. Implementation results indicate the potentials of the new approach.
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基金项目:本文研究得到国家自然科学基金和霍英东青年教师基金资助. 本文研究得到国家自然科学基金和霍英东青年教师基金资助.
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FENG Jie-qing,PENG Qun-sheng,MA Li-zhuang.Homogeneous Deformation Following the Shape of a Parametric Surface.Journal of Software,1998,9(4):263-267