Journal of Software:1998.9(1):74-79

An Algorithm to Data Allocation in Software Pipeling
LUO Jun,TANG Zhi zhong,ZHANG Chi hong,YU Tao
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Received:January 02, 1997    Revised:February 20, 1997
> 中文摘要: 数据元素的存储器分配是指令级并行优化编译过程中不可回避的一个关键性问题.该问题解决得好坏直接关系到编译优化的效率.本文第1节主要介绍ILSP(interlacedinnerandouterloopsoftwarepipelining)算法的基本思想.第2节以距阵乘法为例阐述了在ILSP算法下多重循环中数据元素的存取特点.第3节则从理论上对该特点进行了深入的分析研究,同时就一般多重循环给出了一个行之有效的ILSP算法下数据元素内存分配算法.第4节给出一个实验比较结果.最后是结论.
Abstract:In the optimizing compilation process of instruction level parallelism, the memory allocation of data elements is an unavoidable key problem, which has a direct effect on the efficiency of the final results of optimizing compilation. In this paper, the first part briefly presents the background of the paper. Part 1 is the principles of a brand new software pipelining algorithm—ILSP(interlaced inner and outer loop software pipelining). In part 2, taking the example of matrix multiplication, the authors expound the characteristic of date accessing under ILSP algorithm,and make a deep theoretical analysis on that characteristic and conclude a general algorithm on memory allocation of data elements in the nested loops.The experiment is presented in part 4.And part 5,the conclusion.
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LUO Jun,TANG Zhi zhong,ZHANG Chi hong,YU Tao.An Algorithm to Data Allocation in Software Pipeling.Journal of Software,1998,9(1):74-79