Journal of Software:1998.9(1):53-63

Large Data Warehouse based Data Mining: a Survey
HU Kan,XIA Shao wei
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Received:November 18, 1996    Revised:April 28, 1997
> 中文摘要: 本文介绍了数据采掘技术的总体研究情况,包括数据采掘的定义、与其他学科的关系、采掘的主要过程、分类和主要技术手段.作为例子介绍了关联规则采掘的研究,同时介绍了一些原型系统和商业产品以及主要应用领域,指出了数据采掘研究的挑战性以及目前的局限性.结合当前数据仓库的发展,本文探讨了数据仓库环境下数据采掘的特点和潜力.
Abstract:In this paper, the data mining techniques are introduced broadly including its definition, the relationships with other academic fields, the imperative processes and its classifications. The principal techniques used in the data mining are surveyed also. As an example, the studies on the mining association rules are illustrated. Some data mining prototypes and commercial systems are listed in this paper. Several limitations of the data mining are discussed as well as the research and application challenges for it.Due to the development of the data warehouse up to now,the features and potentialities of the data mining based on the data warehouse are discussed also.
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HU Kan,XIA Shao wei.Large Data Warehouse based Data Mining: a Survey.Journal of Software,1998,9(1):53-63