Journal of Software:2017.28(s2):41-49

(广西大学 计算机与电子信息学院, 广西 南宁 530004;华侨大学 计算机科学与技术学院, 福建 厦门 361021;Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, 5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL, USA)
Energy-Aware Dynamic Routing Algorithm in Low-Duty-Cycle WSN
JIANG Chan,LIANG Jun-Bin,LIU Xiao-Dong,WANG Tian,LIU Rui
(School of Computer and Electronic Information, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, China;College of Computer Science and Technology, Huaqiao University, Xiamen 361021, China;Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, 5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL, USA)
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Received:June 30, 2017    
> 中文摘要: 低占空比无线传感器网络(low-duty-cycle wireless sensor network,简称LDC-WSN)可部署在人类难以进入的恶劣环境中执行长期的监测和目标跟踪等任务,具有广泛的应用前景.与传统WSN相比,LDC-WSN减少了空闲侦听带来的能量消耗,但端到端的延迟却很大.目前,已有的LDC-WSN路由协议主要关注如何减少端到端延迟,没有充分考虑均衡节点的能量消耗,容易导致数据传输过程中某些节点能量消耗过快而过早死亡.为了解决这个问题,提出了一种基于链路质量和能量感知的路由(energy-aware dynamic routing,简称EADR)算法.每个节点维护一个转发集,转发集中的节点均是链路质量较高的邻居.在进行数据传输时,节点将数据发送给转发集中决策因子高的邻居,而决策因子由转发集中节点的工作/睡眠调度和能量水平来动态决定.仿真实验结果表明,EADR算法能够降低端到端的延迟,提高数据成功发送率,提高网络生命周期.
Abstract:The Low duty cycle wireless sensor networks (called LDC-WSNs) can be deployed in harsh environments that humans are difficult to access to perform long-term monitoring and target tracking tasks, and they have broad application prospects. LDC-WSN reduces the energy consumption caused by idle listening, but its end-to-end delay is great. The existing LDC-WSN routing protocols focuses on the reduction of end-to-end delay, but they do not fully consider the balancing of energy consumption of nodes in the network. Therefore, some nodes would consume their energy quickly and die soon. To solve this problem, this paper considers the link quality and node's energy levels, and then propose a novel routing algorithm EADR (energy-aware dynamic routing). In EADR, each node maintains a forward set, which contains a set of neighbor nodes with high quality links. During the data transmission, a sender node would send its data to its neighbors with high decision-making factors, where the decision-making factors are dynamically determined by node's work/sleep schedules and energy levels. Simulation results show that EADR can reduce the end-to-end delay, achieve higher successful rate of data transmission, and extend the network lifetime.
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JIANG Chan,LIANG Jun-Bin,LIU Xiao-Dong,WANG Tian,LIU Rui.Energy-Aware Dynamic Routing Algorithm in Low-Duty-Cycle WSN.Journal of Software,2017,28(s2):41-49