Journal of Software:2012.23(zk1):49-58

(北京工商大学 计算机与信息工程学院,北京 100048;北京航空航天大学 计算机学院,北京 100191)
Method for Identifying Node Dissemination Capability in Opportunistic Social Networks
CAI Qing-Song,NIU Jian-Wei,LIU Ming-Zhu
(School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing 100048, China;School of Computer Science and Engineering, BeiHang University, Beijing 100191, China)
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Received:May 05, 2012    Revised:August 17, 2012
> 中文摘要: 评估不同节点的消息分发能力是研究机会社会网络拓扑演化、消息传播与抑制的基本问题.通过将静态图中邻接矩阵乘积及通路(walk)的概念扩展到动态演化网络中,结合不同时间邻接距离对节点具有不同影响这一特性,提出了一种利用演化过程快速计算节点在网络中消息传播能力的方法.对实际用户移动性轨迹数据的计算结果表明,该方法能够准确刻画不同节点的消息传播能力,当利用少数具有较高消息传播能力较强的节点进行消息扩散时,网络的传播效率显著提升.为网络干预,如加速或者抑制网络的消息传播,提供了一种有效的节点传播能力评估方法.
Abstract:Although socially aware opportunistic communication paradigms are considered to have broad potential applications, very little is known about how the dynamic networks evolve and which nodes are more important both in sustaining the network topology and in forwarding or disseminating messages. Through the concept of walk and the adjacent matrix product of static graph theory, this paper extends a measurement, Katz Centrality (KC) that originated from Social Networks Analysis (SNA), to dynamic evolving opportunistic mobile networks. This is done in effort to examine the dissemination capabilities of different mobile nodes. The cornerstone of this method is the dynamics of an opportunistic contact network can be expressed through time-split observations, which result in a sequence of snapshots. By simply multiplying the adjacent matrix of each snapshot along the direction of time, the resulting matrix, in which the spatial and temporal dependency of the network are fully captured, can be obtained, so as to evaluate the relative information dissemination capability of each mobile node. The research uses two typical contact trace datasets for validation and the results show that several mobile nodes with the highest communicability identified by this method are more efficient in information dissemination than others in the whole network and can be chosen as good candidates when some interventions, such as accelerating or suppressing the speed of message dissemination in network, are required to be made on network.
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CAI Qing-Song,NIU Jian-Wei,LIU Ming-Zhu.Method for Identifying Node Dissemination Capability in Opportunistic Social Networks.Journal of Software,2012,23(zk1):49-58