Volume 30,Issue S2,2019 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

  • Large-pose Face Alignment Based on Deep Learning
  • JIANG Yue-Hui, ZHANG Qian, WANG Bin, SHEN Hui-Zhong, HUANG Ji-Feng and YAN Tao
  • 2019,30(S2):1-8 [Abstract(431)]  [View PDF(329)1.24 M]
  • Research on Key Object Extraction and Classification in Asynchronous Data Stream
  • ZHANG Shu, DU Cong-Yang, WU Jin-Jian, SHI Guang-Ming and XIE Xue-Mei
  • 2019,30(S2):9-16 [Abstract(359)]  [View PDF(142)1.06 M]
  • Complex Value Image Group Sparse Coding Denoising Algorithm Based on K-means Clustering Method
  • LIU Bo-Yu, WU Ling-Da and HAO Hong-Xing
  • 2019,30(S2):17-24 [Abstract(348)]  [View PDF(254)1.14 M]
  • Distant Speech Recognition Based on Knowledge Distillation and Generative Adversarial Network
  • WU Long, LI Ta, WANG Li and YAN Yong-Hong
  • 2019,30(S2):25-34 [Abstract(383)]  [View PDF(298)1.05 M]
  • Eye Tracking Data and Text Visual Analytics for Reading Assistance
  • CHENG Shi-Wei, HU Yi-Lin and SUN Yu-Jie
  • 2019,30(S2):35-47 [Abstract(334)]  [View PDF(449)1.65 M]
  • Scenario Design Tool Based on Hybrid Input
  • TONG Qing-Shan, ZHANG Zong-Qi, HUANG Jin, TIAN Feng, LIU Jie and DAI Guo-Zhong
  • 2019,30(S2):48-61 [Abstract(343)]  [View PDF(171)1.48 M]