Volume 27,Issue 1,2016 Table of Contents

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Review Articles

  • Survey of Static Software Defect Prediction
  • CHEN Xiang, GU Qing, LIU Wang-Shu, LIU Shu-Long and NI Chao
  • 2016,27(1):1-25 [Abstract(7077)]  [View PDF(6458)929.88 K]
  • A Survey of the Feature Model Based Approaches to Automated Product Derivation
  • YU Wen-Jing, ZHAO Hai-Yan, ZHANG Wei and JIN Zhi
  • 2016,27(1):26-44 [Abstract(5127)]  [View PDF(2537)842.38 K]
  • Research Progress on Android Security
  • QING Si-Han
  • 2016,27(1):45-71 [Abstract(25099)]  [View PDF(23358)880.96 K]
  • Survey on Charging Programming in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
  • HU Cheng, WANG Yun and WANG Hui
  • 2016,27(1):72-95 [Abstract(6085)]  [View PDF(6725)1.81 M]
  • Research Progress on Architecture and Protocol Stack of the Airborne Network
  • LIANG Yi-Xin, CHENG Guang, GUO Xiao-Jun and ZHOU Ai-Ping
  • 2016,27(1):96-111 [Abstract(5050)]  [View PDF(2982)1.48 M]
  • Research Progress on Mesh Parameterization
  • GUO Feng-Hua, ZHANG Cai-Ming and JIAO Wen-Jiang
  • 2016,27(1):112-135 [Abstract(4872)]  [View PDF(3130)2.37 M]
  • Research Progress on Polarization Ray-Tracing Rendering
  • WANG Chi, XIE Zhao, GAO Jun and YAO Ting-Ting
  • 2016,27(1):136-154 [Abstract(4640)]  [View PDF(1934)2.42 M]
  • Survey on Three-Dimensional Network-on-Chip
  • ZHANG Da-Kun, HUANG Cui and SONG Guo-Zhi
  • 2016,27(1):155-187 [Abstract(4993)]  [View PDF(3841)1.33 M]
  • 计算机学科国家自然科学基金重点项目10年资助情况分析
  • 赵伟,洪日昌,赵瑞珍,刘克
  • 2016,27(1):188-194 [Abstract(5862)]  [View PDF(4054)726.12 K]